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"I'm with Kawhii a few days after he and the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship Kawhii enjoyed the trip to Edmonton and especially as seen here in the End Zone at the CFL BC Lions vs Eskimos game." @MykAussie 

#NBA #sportscomedy at with Teen Wolf

"I'm with Teen Wolf the basketball  Champ at a CFL Calgary Stampeders vss BC Lions Halloween game. The Champ was showing me his dunking style." @MykAussie 

#NBA #sportscomedy at  and YouTube

"I have Sports Comedy MYKwebTV shows of many different Sports on my YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy! Click here." @MykAussie

"I'm talking NBA on the very popular TSN Off The Record show hosted by Michael Landsberg.
This was shown nationally on Canadian TV. For Full screen, comment
 Click here" @MykAussie

Welcome to NBA and more Basketball on! 

"Aug 25, 2023. At 18 min talking FIBA 2023, Aussie Boomers on NY's @SportsGridTV, SiriusXM Ch159 etc. To watch auto start at basketball talk Click here" @MykAussie

"Mar 24, 2023. At 13 min 40 secs. NBL Sydney Kings Star Xavier Cookes joins Washington WizardsTo watch auto start, full screen, Click here To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody or on Spotify search "Myk Aussie". " @MykAussie

Luc Longley #Bulls #NBA at

"Mar 3, 2023. Was great to meet and chat with former NBA Chicago Bulls Luc Longley, a multiple Championship winner at the Sydney airport, re the show above." @MykAussie. 

"Oct 7, 2022. Talking Adelaide 36ers Big win over Phoenix Suns, more on NY's @SportsGridTV, SiriusXM Ch159 etcTo watch full screen Click here To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody or on Spotify search "Myk Aussie". " @MykAussie

#NBA #sportscomedy at Banff World Media Festival
#NBA #sportscomedy at Banff World Media Festival

"June 26, 2022. From Banff World Media Festival on June 15 with Quincy Isaiah who plays Magic Johnson in the TV series Winning Time - The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. Was fun to meet Quincy and also the Producer Rodney Barnes. Also pictured is Solomon Hughes on far left who plays Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the excellent host Sonia Mangat of eTalk Canada. I've started watching the show, it's very good so far. To watch the trailer Click here" @MykAussie 

#NBA on SportsGrid TV #sportscomedy at

"Mar 19, 2022. Talking NBA on NY's @SportsGridTV. As part of the show I was on Gabe @sportsrage started telling a funny NBA Raptors Kyle Lowry jersey story while Im showing my Raptors Championship calendar. Auto start at NBA talk Click here" @MykAussie

"Mar 15, 2022. Did a NCAA Bracket Challenge today with lots/all the help from Bobby a @SportsRage er.
I just don't have time to focus on NCAA March Madness seeing it's at start of the AFL season but it was fun today to enter Bracket competitions on CBS and Bet365. See how I go with 100% help from Bobby. I do enjoy watching it especially the last minute of the many exciting games. St Mary's is my fav team as Aussies are often on the team. Bobby has them going as far as the Final 16.
" @MykAussie 

"Updated Mar 13, 2022. Raptors get a Big win over Suns 117-112 on Friday night. Some NBA media guys saying Suns are best team in the NBA West. From June 21, 2019. Sports Comedy. Kawhii joined me in Edmonton Canada on The Morning After show on New York based FNTSY Sports Network a few days after the Raptors great NBA Championship win! The host Gabe Morency a huge Raptors fan luved this. Ahhh! For full screen  Click here." @MykAussie

"Aug 7, 2021. Talking Aussie Boomers Olympics semi final game vs USA and NBA players on the Game Time Decisions show with host Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart on NY's SportsGrid, SiriusXM Ch204 etc. To listen to this show and more on  Castbox pody For more podcast options Click here" @MykAussie

"July 13, 2021. Australia defeat USA 91-83 in a Olympics warm up game. Talking Olympics men's basketball, Ben Simmons, more sports/life craziness with Gabe @sportsrage on NY's SportsGrid radio, SiriusXM Ch204 etc. To watch auto start at Ben Simmons and Olympics basketball talk Click here Then after the AFL talk more Olympics Australian men's team the Boomers basketball talk Click here For this show and more on my new Castbox pody @MykAussie 

"June 27, 2021. Talking NBA Playoffs, Kawhi, Jason the "kissing blower". To watch on my twitter Click here"  @MykAussie 

"June 12, 2021. Talking the security guard on the NBA court, Boomers Olympics basketball, more and also on NY's SportsGrid radio, SiriusXM Ch204 etc we talk Olympics basketball. At the 22 min 30 sec mark I talk the security guard on the NBA court and then my crazy stupid security guard stories in Canada. To watch full screen Click here To listen to this show and more sports talk on Castbox pody 


To watch the video of the security guard on the NBA court re Kevin Durant vs PJ Tucker Click here" @MykAussie 

Kobe Legend
#Kone Legend at

"Dec 31, 2020. Talking about Kobe the Legend!  
Jan 26, 2020 the day that Kobe the Legend died in a helicopter crash. As part of my 2 Part Sports Year in Review show on twitter I talk about Kobe. To watch  
Click here" @MykAussie 

"Sept 16, 2020. Oh Kawhi why did you leave!  
Talking about Clippers losing and why did Kawhi leave Raptors 
Click here 

For my segment on New York based @SportsGrid with host Gabe Morency a few days after Raptors won the NBA Championship with my mate Kawhii in my Edmonton studio. Ahhhh! 
Click here
." @MykAussie 

"Aug 1, 2020. New York based @SportGridRadio Late Night SportsRage show. My segment with Gabe Morency. We're talking NBA Raptors, NHL picks, NHL Oilers and Edmonton life, AFL Rd 9 picks, best bets etc, more. To watch full screen, auto start when I come on Click here" @MykAussie 

"Feb 21, 2020. New York based @SportsGrid TV, radio etc, The Morning After show.
I'm talking Kawhi and the NBA All Star Kobe Bryant MVP Award, the cheating MLB Houston Astros,  XFL week 3, Fury vs Wilder fight and UFC in NZ  To watch full screen 
Click here " @MykAussie

#NBA #sportscomedy at

"Jan 31, 2020. You can listen as the YouTube video sadly is gone. I'm talking NFL Super Bowl LIV, my MMMMM Equation for my Super Bowl pick, NBA Raptors and RIP Kobe Lakers Legend, more on the New York based TV, radio etc show @SportsGridTv The Morning After show. To listen scroll at the bottom to 41min 35sec mark  Click here  @MykAussie

"Jan 28, 2020, RIP Kobe, Legend!
My favourite basketball player ever." @MykAussie

"Dec 20, 2019. We are talking the Steph Curry pic, Kawhi, NFL week 16, more on the New York based TV show on @SportsGrid /FNTSY Sports Network etc. You can listen Click here as damn it the video was removed from SportsGrid YouTube" @MykAussie

"Oct 25, 2019. I'm talking NBA Raptors Championship rings, NFL, CFL, more on a New York based show. You can listen Click here as damn it the video was removed from SportsGrid YouTube." @MykAussie

"Aug 16, 2019. With Gabe and Joe I'm talking Ben Simmons in Australia, more sports, comedy, life craziness stories. You can listen via the link below as damn the video was removed from SportsGrid YouTube. I'm on at about the 42 min mark Click here" @MykAussie

"Aug 9, 2019. With Gabe and Joe I'm talking Ben Simmons in Australia, more sports, comedy, life craziness stories. 

You can listen via link below as damn the video was removed from SportsGrid YouTube. I come on at about the 40 min mark Click here  


On the podcast of your choice search on "FNTSY Sports Network" or "SportsGrid" then "The Morning After" show to listen to me each Fri AM." @MykAussie

"For my NBA and basketball webWORLD that includes more of my NBA and basketball segments on Canada and USA TV and radio, two years of talking sports from Canada including NBA and basketball on Five AA radio in South Australia, reports, pictures, more dating back to 2003 Click here

"For More Sports check out the massive menu Click here or using IE Internet Explorer check out the drop down and fly out menu on "@MykAussie

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