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"Nov 24, 2019. I'm talking today's 107th CFL Grey Cup from McMahon Stadium with Clam Chowder the talking mascot from Montreal. To watch full screen  Click here" @MykAussie

"Above. From Nov 2018. It was great to again meet up with Clam Chowder a fellow @sportsrage Hall Of Famer at the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton in Nov 2018. 


From Jan 2018. Ha ha! A short video, I'm on the streets of Vancouver having fun with Clam Chowder after Gabe @sportsrage 's Road Rage. Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 23, 2019. 1 on 1 with CFL Legend Nik Lewis at the CFL Fans Fight Caner function on Grey Cup Saturday. Was great to again interview Nik. To watch full screen Click here" @MykAussie

"I'm 1 on 1 with CFL and NFL Legend Warren Moon at Super Bowl XXXVIII media day, Houston. @VdhAndrea a Esks fan thought this was great!  Full screen, comment Click here" @MykAussie


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"Dec 6, 2019. I'm talking the recent CFL Grey Cup, the Grey Cup Festival, NFL week 14 picks, best bets etc, Denver Broncos, NCAA Football, , more on the New York based TV show on @SportsGrid etc with host Gabe @sportsrage and Ariel Epstein. Video starts auto when I come on. To watch auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 29, 2019. I'm talking last weeks CFL Grey Cup in Calgary, the Grey Cup Festival, my time at Grey Cup with Clam Chowder the talking mascot from Montreal, NFL week 13 picks, best bets etc and the upcoming Presidents Cup golf in Australia. To watch full screen  Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 22, 2019. I'm talking CFL Grey Cup 2019, the Grey Cup Festival, NFL Broncos vs Bills, more on @sportsgrid/FNTSY Sports Network a New York based show. Scroll to 3 hr 27 min 45 sec mark or for full screen, auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 19, 2019. Talking CFL on the Podskee Wee Wee podcast. I’m on at about the 42 min mark/18 mins to go talking about Tiger-Cats great 1999 Grey Cup win and the fun I had in the locker room after their win etc. Also about my fav team BC Lions in 2019, this years Grey Cup 2019 game and the Grey Cup Festival in Calgary.

To find more details about this podcast and where to listen. Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 15, 2019. I'm talking CFL East and West Finals picks, more on a New York based show. To watch full screen and auto start Click here I am on for 10 mins before this talking NFL and Don "Grapes" Cherry and my poppy." @MykAussie

"Nov 8, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 10 inc picks, CFL Playoffs at the end of my segment, more on a New York based show. To watch full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 2, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports and Sports Comedy - Episode 2. My buddy Kym is talking NFL, NBA, CFL, CFL Grey Cup's, highlights from when I'm on the sidelines at a NFL Packers vs Vikings game and at CFL Grey Cups. CFL talk starts at 12 min 30 sec mark until th end. For full screen Click here" @MykAussie

"Oct 12, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports
and Sports Comedy - Episode 1. My buddy Kym is talking NFL, CFL, AFL, highlights from when I'm at Super Bowl media day and at a Pro Bowl. Includes a 12 min interview with @Mike_Ticats co host of @PodskeeWeeWee. To watch 30 min version as above in full screen 
Click here To watch the 15 min version Click here" @MykAussie

"Oct 11, 2019. I'm talking former Edmonton Eskimo WR Duke Williams now at the Buffalo Bills, NFL week 6, more on a New York based show. To watch  Click here" @MykAussie

"2 min trailer to my comedy movie/doc "Football Fan Frenzy" that includes lots of fan and cheerleaders comedy from CFL games and Grey Cup Festivals. Full screen Click here To watch online Free via the password Click here Contact me for the password." @MykAussie

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