"Lots of NFL comedy, I give a few NFL picks and NFL bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network, I play some
NFL Fantasy. CFL comedy, a few CFL picks and CFL bets, CFL Fantasy is also fun, CFL betting, luv Grey
Cup so I have a few Grey Cup bets and picks, CFL tailgating is great in Calgary. AFL comedy, I do AFL 
picks, AFL tips they say in Australia and AFL best bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network. Also more sports
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July 13, 2019 "My first full length 45 min Intl Sports
Comedy podcast! To listen on your cell/mobile ph
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I will be doing more Intl Sports Comedy Podcasts.

Reference. "Hey bro you are an awesome storyteller mate, love listening to ya, watching your videos and general twitter stuff. Your July 13 2019 45 min pod, it's great man! I don't generally listen to podcasts but your stuff is great!" JP @jattfromsurrey

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