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"Another amazing time! I'm on the sidelines at a Pro Bowl. I made sure to hold the camera real steady! Ahhh! Full screen Click here" @MykAussie

"July 26, 2019. With Gabe and Joe I'm talking Cardinals coach allowing players on cell/mobile ph's during meetings, Broncos training camp, more sports, comedy. Scroll to 41 min for auto start, full screen Click here" @MykAussie

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"Nov 15, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 11 including picks and best bets and the disgrace Browns vs Steelers ending, more on @sportsgrid/FNTSY Sports Network a New York based show with Gabe @sportsrage, @mikeblewitt and @joeraineri. To watch full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

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"I'm 1 on 1 with NFL punter and former AFL er Darren @NFLAussie Bennett. It was so much fun to meet and interview Darren in the Chargers locker rooms after playing the Seahawks. I've met up with Darren several times since this interview. Note: Picture quality is lost but this was one of the 1st ever true Internet TV/streaming video shows ever in the World. I added this to in July 2000. Full screen 
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"I'm filming the Tom Brady interview at Patriots media day, Super Bowl XXXVIII, Houston! Full screen, comment Click here" @MykAussie


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