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Updated Aug 29, 2022. New review. Football Fan Frenzy a comedy movie.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

“New trailer. New excellent review and ratings from Danny. My Pitch for Banff world Media Festival, watch below. More great reviews, ratings. I talk out my movie with Gabe Morency on New York's SportsGrid Network, the Morency Unfiltered radio show and podcast. Do you want to watch it Free online via a password? Let me know.

The new trailer on April 10, 2022. To watch Click here

New 2 min 20 sec edits from the movie. Watch Parts 1-3 from CFL and CFL Grey Cups, the May 8 and 14, 2022 headlines Click here Watch Parts 4-5 from the NFL, the May 21, 2022 headlines Click here

I’m focusing on getting mates, people that contact me and business people to watch my movie online and Free. I legally can’t sell it but I and many others believe it is definitely good enough that the right person will take me on and we produce a new movie and use the many opinion has it the many very funny segments from this movie, maybe we re enact some of the scenes. There is so much naturally occurring comedy in the movie/doc. Scenes that don't make the final edit where I am with sports stars etc I will use as NFT's. For Sports Stars and me NFT's Click here

I am going to Banff 2022 World Media Festival, June 12-15. This movie and the reviews and ratings below is one of my four Projects I have added to the Banff website. To watch my Pitch on April 27, 2022 to a film/media executive Click here

March 2020 to Sept 2022. Many recent reviews, ratings, more.

"It's cheeky, it's witty and all around fun. It's a fantastic watch for CFL fans all over!" @TheElksHerd.

"Thanks for watching. It's cheeky for sure, oh the ladies luv those two scenes with my Aussie Rules footy shorts.. Ahhh! @TheElksherd are my new mates from CFL #GoElks tailgate parties, at the games and on twitter." @MykAussie

'June 26, 2022. From my twitter @MykAussie. Danny @Tempoyotv asked me if my movie was going to be on ESPN or TSN. I said well hopefully one day. Told him how I met Mike from Bell Media at Banff2022 & had a quick chat about what I do. He told me Friday a 9 out of 10 for entertainment & 10 out of 10 for comedy for my movie review. He loved the beautiful ladies including Ms Photogenic Erin CFL Riders cheerleader. Danny also says his fav part of my comedy movie at sports events was CFL Bombers Candice & her lucky bra at Grey Cup in Montreal.

"I can confirm loved it #luckybra." Danny @Tempoyotv "Thanks Danny for this. Danny lives in Edmonton Canada and is in his early 20's. This is the first review I've had from someone that watched it all on a cell/mobile phone. To watch the lucky bra Click here " @MykAussie

"May 30, 2022. Below. Wow another 10 out of 10 for entertainment. From Paul Lewis a Aussie who I played Aussie Rules Footy with at Burnaby Eagles, BC, Canada in 2005." @MykAussie

Above: At the NFL Pro Bowl tailgate party. Some of my Aussie mates couldn't believe how funny this segment was.

May 21, 2022 "Myk I really liked your movie. I especially enjoyed the interviews with the Denver Broncos star players in the locker rooms after the game. I also really liked the way that you interacted with the fans and cheerleaders at the NFL and CFL. You seemed to bring out the best of them with your positive energy and your knowledge of the NFL and CFL. The way that you handled the Cowboys fan at Pro Bowl was great. I rate your film a 8 out of 10 for entertainment." James Vaillancourt, Edmonton, Canada.

"Thanks James for that. I often talk NFL with James and ask him for his NFL picks. To watch the new 2 min 20 sec edit from the 8+ mins in the movie from the Broncos game Click here To watch the new 2 min 20 sec edit from the 10+ minutes from NFL Pro Bowl in the movie including the Cowboys fan Click here

Updated April 27, 2022. Above: Clam Chowder as Charlie Chaplin in a Montreal short film. To watch Clam Chowder as Charlie Chaplin, I talk about his review and also my Zoom Pitch session today as part of my Banff 2022 conference pass Click here

April 24, 2022. "Awesome mate! I watched it on my laptop, was clear. You should submit your #1 movie/documentary at Banff. Very funny your Aussie footy shorts showing ya butt, snowboarding, putting stickers on babes racks and lots of babes, I'm very jealous. Good on ya mate. Jack the funny farter was great. Junior Seau RIP was great seeing that. Regina Hulkster was very funny. One fellow reminded me of the Legend Jerry Lewis RIP. You on TSN's Off the Record popular show, very nice mate. You in ya mates Minnesota Viking helmet and the he whacking himself in the eye with the cork while wearing your hat was very funny. The goal you kicked at BC Place was priceless. Loved your determination and wonderful Aussie touch.

I'm unusual as a critic, that's me period. Some of the scenes you need to specify better. I was Charlie Chaplin in a short film entered in Montreal and some other film festivals, called Hollywired. It was rated fair, good, great. Montreal film festival rated fair but that didn't mean it wasn't great.

Your Football Fan Frenzy movie/doc it's a diamond in the rough, very proud of you mate. It's very competitive, you just have to keep at it as when you believe in your hard work you just keep going. Eventually you will be rewarded. Feel the Passion!" @ClamChowder7 on twitter, Montreal Canada

"Clam really appreciate your detailed comments. I look forward to adding some of the interviews and funny footage I took of you at Grey Cups and in Vancouver in the next and final edit along with new scenes with you. I also look forward to more of your suggestions from a film making perspective for the final edit. Here I am interviewing Clam Chowder in Montreal in 2008 Click here" @MykAussie

Jan 17, 2022. "Just watched it, it was awesome Myk, loved it! Everything at the CFL Grey Cup, so hilarious and made me laugh a ton. Great content overall! I rate it a 10 out of 10 for entertainment value and also comedy." @haydenwalterrr

"Thanks Hayden for that. Yeh Grey Cup section I didn't edit it at all since about the 5th of about 12 edits." @MykAussie

Sept 3, 2021. "Myk Aussie very funny movie. I laughed lots including when your mate got dog shit all over his clothes after you were playing the NFL/CFL style game on Super Bowl Sunday in Vancouver. I give it a 9 out of 10 for entertainment and 10 out of 10 for comedy." 49ers Marcus

"Thanks Marcus. Yeh dog shit really is the worst." @MykAussie

Aug 19, 2021 "8/10 for sure....Funny viewing for a CFL/sports fan. Was dying laughing at you on the beach when I watched it awhile ago!" Ty Rich @tyrichbets

"Thanks for that Ty @SportsRage er in BC, Canada." @MykAussie

July 6, 2021. "You're film is wild. 9 out of 10" Ismael Freytes

"Ismael thanks for watching and really liking it. Ismael is a Facebook mate of mine from Puerto Rico who played baseball when he was younger and he really likes Aussie Rules Footy." @MykAussie

March 22, 2021. I included the Cwoc Pammy and the real Pamela Anderson segment in the movie from a CFL Grey Cup as a commercial/ad in my new 2021 AFL team previews show. Check it out, auto start at this point. Click here

Feb 18, 2021. "Myk is a fearless guy. He goes up to all the lovely ladies and sports stars and they all love the guy. That winning smile. I don`t know how he does with the girls, but judging from their reactions in this film, I am guessing he does well. Football Fan Frenzy is the title and yes you get it all. Have a watch, a beer and enjoy it. I rate it 8 out of 10 for comedy and 9 out of 10 for entertainment" @eddygeeeeeee in Montreal.

"Eddy G thanks for watching and the review. Yes it was a lot of fun interviewing the players and stunning cheerleaders, playboy models and more lovelies." @MykAussie

Dec 12, 2020. "I rate it 8.5. Oh man so many favourite parts. I thought the story about you trying to interview Brett Favre in the Packers locker rooms and got kicked out and then went back in was hilarious. I showed my brother that part, we were dying laughing. A rating out of 10 compared to anythiny on Netflix etc I'd say 8.5. Super entertaining from the interviews to the kangaroos there’s just so much content. The comedy is the best part. I was laughing so much." @PeterBliss78

"Well thanks Peter for watching, the review and rating. Peter has seen me as a guest talking ssports and sports comedy with Gabe Morency on The Morning After show on New York's SportsGrid Network." @MykAussie

July 12, 2020. "I rate it a 10 for sure! Myk takes us back to when the beers were cheaper and nobody was caught up on a smartphone. From the pregame, the post game and all in between, Myk takes you into the fan experience of NFL and CFL football games before the mega stadiums came into popularity. Not sure how he kept up the pace he did along with the luck of meeting some CWOCS along the way. I was waiting for him to take a beer to the face but nope, Myk's hat might have put them under some kinda spell including his journey to interview Pamela Anderson. Cheers Myk!" Crash @kanuchronicles in LA.

"Thanks Crash for that. Glad you liked it. I consider your review and rating one of the best ever mainly because you are in LA and work in the movie industry. Yes I sure did meet and interview lots of CWOC's Cool Women Of Canada." Myk Aussie

July 11, 2020. "Myk Aussie I just watched your movie. Overall, easy a 9 out of 10! Liked it. Cool interviews. I'm a fan of anyone going out there putting something together that they enjoy doing." Jeff @DaBear_97, Montreal Canada.

June 28, 2020. A couple of reviews from years ago that I liked so I thought I would add them here. The other reviews below are recent. "Myk you have done very well and a lot of work no doubt. I couldn't believe it when you were telling the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders about me. Some of the places you were, how did you do it. Shags loved you wearing your South Gawler Lions footy jumper." Scotty "Rotter the Croc hunter" Riggs.

"Myk you are an idiot. I'm dying to see the final edit. I loved your first edit 2 hrs just of Halloween and Grey Cup. I could tell you were having the time of your life. The "Ally McBeal" toilet scene at the Grey Cup Esks party was something else. I'm pissed off I missed that." Rick Metcalfe "Mr Viagra" of the BC Booze Brothers.

Above: My mate Playboy Centrefold Morgan Fox of BC Canada wearing my South Gawler Lions Aussie Rules Football jersey in her horse stables. I'm on City TV The Breakfast show in Toronto Canada. 1/2 time at a CFL Grey Cup in Vancouver and I'm trying to convince hotty Cwoc Michelle to give me a beer. Oh the toilet scene at the Grey Cup Esks party was crazy funny.

June 7, 2020. Mike Can Man the Boston and area celebrity rates it a 9 out of 10. Mike loved the cheerleaders, the comedy at the CFL and CFL Grey Cup and is also a big fan of Pamela Anderson giving her a 10. Watch here from April 5, the video starts auto at the time I ask Mike about my movie Click here

June 1, 2020. “Myk Aussie I rate it a 10 out of 10. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Greatest movie I have ever seen. A historical accurate journey told through the eyes of my favorite sports fan Myk Aussie. This movie has more hot girls than a Girl's Gone Wild video. I vote for Carla to win the Hawaiian Tropics contest. Guests from NFL royalty to Lord Gambler Gabriel Morency, this movie has it all. Myk’s travels is one of magic, it's gold. Myk goes 2/2 on kicking Aussie Rules Footy goals after the Broncos game at Mile High stadium in Denver and then after the BC Lions game at BC Place in Vancouver. He has an interception and then a groin strain while playing NFL/CFL style football on Super Bowl Sunday with his Vancouver mates.

Epic tear jerking moment when Bill Clinton after dumping Monica, tries to chat up Pam Anderson, yes as Bill would try and do, a Halloween night in Vancouver. (Myk dressed up as Bill Clinton). Our hero Myk wins her heart in the end because everyone knows that Bill Clinton has as many STDs as the Koala bear. The movie makes me miss going to a stadium. Hope you come to the Jerry's World and catch a Cowboys game with me. The first $15 beer on me.” @KingGanja1

Above: Billy Clinton trying to chat up Cwoc Pammy Anderson at Myk's Halloween party in Vancouver. Pammy the smart Cwoc Cool Woman Of Canada luckily wasn't interested in Billy.

"Thanks @KingGanja1 for the detailed great review and excellent rating. Yes I would love to go to the amazing stadium in Dallas and watch the Cowboys." Myk Aussie

May 16, 2020. I mentioned my movie when I was on my weekly segment with Gabe Morency on New York's SportsGrid Network then he asked me about it. Scroll to 37 min 15 sec mark to listen to my 18 min segment. We talk about Football Fan Frenzy for several minutes not long into my segment. To listen Click here.

Above: Gabe Morency's desk at The Score TV Network in Toronto. I'm in studio with Gabe on his radio show as part of the movie. Oh look who is on his desk, it's one of Tina's signed posters that she sent me that I then sent to Gabe. Redskins Tina was voted the #1 NFL cheerleader and was thus at the NFL Pro Bowl. I'm on the sidelines at a Pro Bowl in Hawaii interviewing Tina Cwoa (Cool Woman Of America) in the movie.

May 20, 2020. "A mix of Don Cherry and Benny Hill. Myk Aussie gives us a unique perspective of some of the biggest sporting events in North America in "Football Fan Frenzy". I laughed, I cried and in the end I was left wanting for more. As you asked Myk compared to anything on TV, Netflix etc I'll give it a 8 out of 10 for entertainment and a 8 out of 10 for comedy." Nik "The BookieKiller" Parsons @TheInsidersRoom.

"Thanks Nik for watching and the reviews and ratings. Oh Benny Hill what a classic funny show that was. Yes I can see how me and me new mates at the CFL and NFL games chasing some of the hotties for interviews reminded Nik of The Benny Hill show." @MykAussie

"Hey Myk you Crazy Aussie great job on the video brotha. Always professional. A 8/10." Madness @MadnessNation69.

May 10, 2020. "Myk I loved it! Very entertaining and hilarious. Loved the crazy antics at Grey Cup in Vancouver and the after game interviews with Mike Morreale etc. Also really enjoyed the NFL Pro Bowl footage. I rate it a 9 out of 10 for entertainment and a 9 out of 10 for comedy. Many laughs" @Mike_Ticats co host of @PodskeeWeeWee a CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats podcast.

Above: I'm interviewing Mike Morreale the Canadian Player of the game as he is carrying the famous CFL Grey Cup. This was after the press conference and on the way to the locker rooms celebrations. My media pass didn't say locker room access but of course I got past the security guy on the door, that was easy. No issue, no trouble not like in the NFL Green Bay Packers locker rooms when I got hassled for no reason. Now that's a good funny story as seen in the movie." @MykAussie

Above: Patrick “Dicky” Willis is a great guy that I played Australian Rules Football with at the South Gawler Lions when I was 17-20 years old.

Above: I'm with Morgan Fox the former Playboy Centrefold in her horse stables. I and my South Gawler Lions mates love it that I got her to wear my Lions jersey/jumper.

Above: April 11, 2020. Gerry Forbes is a Legend and very funny famous morning radio guy in Calgary. He rated Football Fan Frenzy a 8 out of 10 for Entertainment value compared to shows on TV, Netflix etc and a 8 out of 10 for Comedy value. This is one of my favourite ratings and comments as media guys will be honest and also critical when needed.

Above: Ha Ha from Lorne a funny great guy that I knew when I was living in Ottawa, Canada. I was confident Lorne would like my comedy and the many funny CFL and NFL fans that I met and filmed but Wow this is a great review and rating.

This next review and ratings below is from Todd a Edmonton Aussie Rules Football and huge CFL BC Lions mate. I was confident Todd would love it because I am at BC Lions games and I'm wearing my BC Lions jersey in the preview segments when I talk about the upcoming segment.

Above: Wow a 8.7 and 9.9 out of 10 that’s two great ratings from Window Will who works on the TV production at SportsGrid the TV, radio etc station in New York that I go on talking sports. Will‘s review. “The whole movie was amazing man, nearly two hours of pure awesomeness. Beautiful girls as well and you’re hilarious with that cardboard cutout. Awesome. I love how it opens and you’re just talking to all of the cheerleaders name by name. Your Bill Clinton with Monika Halloween outfit was hilarious.” Window Will

"Thanks Will for that. Yeh I did my research on the NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders. I read their bios the night before ready to ask them 1-2 questions." @MykAussie

From April, 2020. "Very funny mate. Great work. I give it a 9/10. All your Aussie mates need to watch this, absolute crack up." Daniel O'Reilly, South Gawler Lions.

"Thanks Dan. Thought you would enjoy it." @MykAussie

From April 2020 "Myk a 8.2/10" Maxwell Smart, SBR

"Thanks Maxwell. I was on SBR Sports Book Review YouTube TV with Gabe Morency when he was with them for a year or show with his Late Night SportsRage show." @MykAussie

From March 27, 2020. "Hell yes we did watch it. You're a crazy mofo! Cheers and thank you! You should let more people watch it." Lamar @fantasyfatboy Washington, USA .

"Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it!" @MykAussie

I chatted to Pamela in the movie and my full size cardboard cutout of Cwoc Pammy Lee Anderson Harrison was a huge hit at a BC Lions Halloween game and then at the Grey Cup when she was a guest and the Grey Cup Parade Marshall. The picture below is from a Vancouver magazine. It was at the CFL Grey Cup Festival 1st event of the week.

Above: Ha ha! This was awesome. Pamela Anderson telling me to put some clothes on her. Yep the cardboard cutout of Cwoc Pammy Anderson with my spare Aussie hat on was a huge hit during this great CFL Grey Cup Festival.

You can see this in my 2 min trailer Click here or here on the home page.

I really appreciate people watching it and then sending me their honest comments. Lots more I could tell you and post on here but please contact me if you would like to watch Football Fan Frenzy online Free. All I ask for is a short review and a rating. Contact me at @ MykAussie on twitter or email:

Business side of Football Fan Frenzy.

Several years ago I thought I had the person that could have got Adam Sandler to watch it. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I firmly believe Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Ricky Gervais, Paul Hogan, Jerry Seinfeld or Larry Davis would laugh lots and really like it. These legends are amongst my favourite movie and TV comedy guys and I believe you will see some of these guys style in my comedy. So especially with no sports on at the moment I’m in sales mode. As a result of attending the very popular Hot Docs Festival and conference in Toronto in 2015 I signed a 18 month agreement with a Toronto based film production and distribution company. The image below is part of this agreement with the company Hiltz Squared media. They had at the time done quite well with a documentary about the Luka Magnotta bizarre very messed up brutal story from Montreal Canada and they had done some other TV shows, movies as well. So I had nothing to lose by working with them. Then a year after in 2016 I again flew to Toronto to meet Myles Shane who I did the deal with. I can explain more about what was discussed. The reason I am adding this here is because it shows that I got close to achieving my aims of a) Getting new investment for the next and final edit with some new content b) Make the new and final edit legal to sell.

When I filmed Football Fan Frenzy I had approved media passes at the sporting events. The NFL told me as long as I didn't show game action I was all OK. I was allowed to show any content on MYKwebTV on, YouTube etc but I legally I need sign offs from the people that "I talk directly to" to sell it as a documentary. Thus the reason I have never sold or charged for viewing the movie/doc. Lots more to tell.

Above: I have said all along that picture quality is of course very important. I still however watch Seinfeld many nights thus comedy outweighs some loss of picture quality. So on April 23 I re watched my movie for the 1st time in quite awhile and for the 1st time on our new big Samsung Smart TV. It looked very good watching not at full screen as seen above.

Please contact me if you are interested in watching it Free online, in knowing more, helping in progressing this opinion has it very funny movie/documentary further.” @MykAussie Email:

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