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Updated Mar 27, 2023. New 80 min show. Talking CFL on NY's SportsGrid TV. #GoElks Pick SIX, more.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This will be the News section for the time being. Also refer to my twitter @MykAussie as I often post CFL news on there.

Mar 26, 2023. CFL Combine vids, pics. Refer to my twitter posts Mar 24, 25. Was lots of fun. Click here

Feb 27, 2023. My new 80 min CFL show is out. I've got some great reaction so far. Hope you can watch, Comment, Like it and Subscribe if you think it's good. Click here

July 31, 2022. Refer to for the my edits of the NY SportsGrid TV show that I go on each Friday during the CFL season talking CFL news, picks and some good laughs. The Game Time Decisions show that I go on I was told has 60-70,000+ listeners, viewers each episode mainly to the USA, then Canada as 2nd largest audience.

July 22, 2022. Elks Pick 6 game day competition. For the past three weeks I've hosted the @goelks Pick 6 show. Filmed and edited by Richard Bagan @riichieb21 of the Elks, it's been fun. To watch the July 22 show Click here. To watch the July 14 show Click here. To watch the July 7 show Click here.

Refer to for more CFL news, videos.

Updated Aug 10, 2021. Brian Edwards "Eskinator/Elkinator" was remembered and honored at Elks game. 1st published July 6, 2021. RIP Eskinator/Elkinator. It was very sad to read Sunday night on Linda Edwards Facebook post about the passing of Brian Edwards known in CFL circles as Eskinator.

What a fantastic tribute TSN did on Saturday night during the 3rd quarter of the Elks vs RedBlacks game. To watch Click here

Above: From the 2007 Grey Cup Spirit Of Edmonton party.

July 6, 2020. Eskinator was very well known all over the CFL as he attended games each year in different cities and attended many Grey Cup Festivals and Grey Cup games, 25+ Grey Cups I believe. I have known Eskinator since about 2000. He was also one of the original people on the Discussion. My last chat with Eskinator was on messenger on June 5th. He messaged me saying how he liked the new Elks name, says he's the Elkinator now, how he had ordered a new license plate, got new Elks shirts and said "You know me man, been my team for over 50 years." I messaged him back including saying "Haha that's awesome "Elkinator!" Great name!"

There have been many great pictures of Eskinator since Sunday night on Facebook. twitter etc. Here are two interviews that I have with the very popular great man. From the 2007 CFL Grey Cup in Toronto (pic above) I interview Eskinator at the Spirit Of Edmonton party. To watch auto start Click here

From the 2009 Snowbowl played on Grey Cup Sunday in Calgary, Sienna interviews Eskinator. To watch auto start Click here

More of Eskinator and sports media. Here is a excellent video by Shaw TV Winnipeg entitled "Grey Cup diehards: Edmonton's Brian Edwards" Click here On Monday on TSN1260 Edmonton radio host Dave Jamieson did an excellent condolences and talk about Eskinator at the CFL. Definitely worth a listen at about the 2min mark Click here RIP Eskinator/Elkinator!" @MykAussie

April 26, 2021. Last week the CFL announced a Aug 5 start of the the CFL season, 14 games instead of 18 games and The Grey Cup to be played in Hamilton still but now on Dec 12.

This does depend on crowds and thus we need Covid-19 vaccines here ASAP for the sake of saving lives, getting people back to work and for the CFL to start. I talk about this on my Intl Sports, Sports Comedy show. To listen on this link Click here Also search "Myk Aussie" on Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts for more of my podcasts." @MykAussie

March 22, 2021. Oh Wow so much talk, worry about the CFL and the XFL talks! My initial thoughts. From my twitter on March 13, 2021. "I say many need to not worry so much yet! I reckon @TheRock puts in say $10-20million to help the #CFL in 2021. He works with a USA TV co & gets CFL shown more in USA & he promotes his @XFL2022 at the same time. Then they do a deal where some players play in both leagues etc." @MykAussie

Lots of talk online since my thoughts above on March 13.

This might be my favourite article that has been written so far. "CFL & #XFL Excellent article! @3DownNation with 1 my fav’s @GlenSuitor from @CFLonTSN! Some really good thoughts, info, reasoning & not -ve towards the CFL. For the tweet linking to the article Click here " @MykAussie

Sept 15, 2020. Thanks Matt Baker of the BC Lions for writing the article about my love of the CFL, BC Lions and The Grey Cup Festival. To read the article Click here For the 1st article article written about Darshan Singh a BC Lions fan also to be on the #GCFanBase Click here Darshan is also a longtime Sports Rage (Gabriel Morency's sports show) and CFL Grey Cup mate of mine.

Sept 1, 2020. Etch your name on The Grey Cup Fan Base. I did it. Just paid the $419 inc tax. I think this is a very cool great idea by the CFL!

Above: The certificate I received as part of investing in the Grey Cup Fan Base. From the BC Lions. This is Your League Dear Lions Fan,

Introducing the Grey Cup Fan Base, designed for you, our dedicated fans.

The Grey Cup Fan Base ushers in the next evolution of the ultimate fan experience.  The illustrious championship trophy will soon be raised up by a newly designed Grey Cup Fan Base - a dynamic, multi-level podium created to commemorate thousands of dedicated football fans nationwide. Starting tomorrow, Monday, August 31st, you will have the opportunity to etch your name in history. To find out details on this great new initiative by the CFL including a short video Click here

From Dec 3. Congratulations to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in winning the 107th CFL Grey Cup in Calgary that was played on Sunday Nov 24, 2019. They defeated the favourites the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-12 in a really good game of football.

It was a warnish 5 day Grey Cup Festival with temperatures in the 0-6 degrees Celsius range which made it very enjoyable to get out and about during the day and evening at the many events and team parties. These events were held at the famous Calgary Stampede grounds.

Two weeks earlier the game in Calgary between the Calgary Stampeders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers it was snowy/icey and about minus 10 degrees Celsius thus we all got lucky for Grey Cup game day and the festival.

Reason why I’m writing about the weather is because for a 4-5 day festival like the Grey Cup in late November in Canada is because it is important for enjoyment and revenue in regards to numbers of people that attend. Also because I get annoyed with way too many people in the Western World with lots, complain at the friggin weather way too much.

I feel that too many people in Canada complain at the cold lots and lots and yes it does and can get very cold and the snow storms can be brutal but my come back often to them is “Yes it’s cold but I have lots of clothes to wear and a warm house to go home to at night or a warm office for many people and a nice warm car to drive! You should try working outdoors in 40+ degrees Celsius for a week or longer straight in South Australia, it’s not fun, it’s very tough and draining!“ Sure the heat is good if you‘re on the beach. I actually find it easier living in Canada than Australia. It is easier to dress up when it’s cold than to dress down / cool down in the 35+ degrees Celsius heat.

Also central heating in houses in Canada is needed and awesome. For 2+ mths of the year in South Australia we would wake up and the house would be cold maybe 0 degrees Celsius as nearly everyone would not have central heating in their house. We would keep the lounge room warm until going to bed and we would have electric blankets on our beds. Maybe this has changed now in Australia for some/many people, not sure.

I really do feel for people that work outside lots in Canada when it is below minus 15 degrees Celsius but many people in the Western World complain too much anyways. Negative talk/complaining spreads amongst people and that annoys me especially at a work place. This is why, my many MYKwebTV shows and sports columns on since 2002 and is 90+% positive! My mission online and on the TV and radio shows that I go on is to be mostly positive, informative and comedy whenever I can.

That said when I feel strongly about someone or something I will go off. In this MYKwebTV Live 35 min show from last Friday morning I went off at NHL ice hockey boss Gary Bettman and also the too many idiot bouncer/security guards. Here is the show where I talk CFL Grey Cup stories and NFL 13 picks that by the way sucked. To watch the MYKwebTV show

It was a brutal tough NFL week 13 with 9 out of 16 underdogs winning. Surprisingly I maintained my 3rd spot out of 71 NFL luvers in Nasty Nate’s for the win and aggregate competition.

M favourite TotalCFL TV show of the Festival was one on one with my longtime Sports Rage mate Clam Chowder the Talking Mascot from Montreal who for the 2nd year in a ros came to Alberta for the Greg Cup. Here it is as we are outside McMahon Stadium takking about the game and his favourite NFL team the New England Patriots. Refer yo my CFL section here or on YouTube

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