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Updated March 9, 2022. “MMMMM, My Moneyline Multi Margin Mathematics” equation for NFL Picks!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Above: From my twitter "My framed NFL Picks Super Bowl LIV MMMMM Equation with Chiefs winning by 10. They won by 11. Ahhhh! See how I go this Super Bowl. Hope you can watch below. Also another #sportsbettingadvice term for newbies to #NFLBetting, more." @MykAussie For the tweet Click here Another tweet about this Click here

March 9, 2022. Refer to my guest spots talking NFL Playoffs on New York's SportsGrid TV etc where we talk more about MMMMM. Gabe the host really enjoys my "commonsense but important" factors in MMMMM. To watch the shows Click here.

From Dec 20, 2019. I luv watching and following the NFL and enjoy going in NFL PIcks Competitions.

As a result of this I have created my own ”MMMMM - Myk’s MoneyLine Multi Margin Mathematics“ equation to help me with my weekly picks for the “Money Line aggregate” competition that I am in and also to help with my weekly “MoneyLine Multi” bets that I give each Friday on The Morning After show on New York TV, radio etc on SportsGrid/FNTSY Sports Network. I call a combination bet a Multi bet while it is called a Parlay bet in North America.

Here are my parts to the equation with the points that I can give in each part.

a) Gut feel. 0-3 pts. b) Recent record. 0-3 pts. c) Home field advantage. 0-3 pts. d) Better QB. 0-7 pts. e) Injuries. 0-3 pts. f) Current Win Loss record. 0-3 pts. g) Coaching advantage. 0-3 pts. h) Recent record vs team playing. 0-3 pts. i) Who my fav NFL people picked. 0-3 pts. j) Weather. 0-3 pts. k) Turn overs in recent games. 0-3 pts. l) Chance of Mental let down. 0-7 pts.

Case 1. NFL Week 16.

Bills @ Patriots. Team a = home team thus Patriots.

a) Gut feel = a (Patriots) + 1 = 1

b) Recent record a (Patriots) + 0 = 1. (Both teams been good recently)

c) Home Field advantage a + 2 = 3.

d) Better QB a +1 = 4.

e) Injuries a - 1 = 3

f) Current record a + 0 = 3

g) Coaching advantage a + 1 = 4 (No recent cheating re filming Bills I hope)

h) Recent record vs Bills a + 2 = 6 (They own Bills.)

i) Who my fav NFL people pick a + 1 = 7

j) Weather a + 0 = 7 (Bills are used to bad weather)

k) Turn overs in recent games a + 0 = 7 ( Last 4 weeks Pats +6 in turnovers Bills +5 so that's close)

l) Chance of Mental let down a + 0 = 7 (This is new option seeing 49ers were a joke vs Falcons)

a (Patriots) Total = 7. So I'm picking Patriots by 7 pts but it can be craziness in the NFL.

On Friday Dec 20 I talked about this on The Morning After the New York based TV, radio etc show. Click here to read my tweet then watch the show.

Then later in the show Gabe reads out the details as above. Click here to read my tweet then watch the show.

Also on Friday Dec 13 I talked about this, my 1st version of MMMM on The Morning After the New York based TV, radio etc show. Click here to read my tweet then watch the show.

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