"Lots of NFL comedy, I give a few NFL picks and NFL bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network, I play some
NFL Fantasy. CFL comedy, a few CFL picks and CFL bets, CFL Fantasy is also fun, CFL betting, luv Grey
Cup so I have a few Grey Cup bets and picks, CFL tailgating is great in Calgary. AFL comedy, I do AFL 
picks, AFL tips they say in Australia and AFL best bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network. Also more sports
picks, sports betting, sports bets on,,
" @MykAussie

"Welcome to!

"Hi mates, future mates! I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy Media guy! Based in Canada since 1998, I've travelled to many sports events, produced 100's of MYKwebTV sports comedy shows and have been a guest on 1,000+ TV, radio etc shows in USA, Canada and Australia! Hope you enjoy!" @MykAussie 

"Hi mates! Welcome to Sports, Sports Comedy 

"Nov 2, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports and Sports Comedy - Episode 2. My buddy Kym is talking NFL, NBA, CFL, CFL Grey Cup's, highlights from when I'm on the sidelines at a NFL Packers vs Vikings game and at CFL Grey Cups. For full screen Click here" @MykAussie

"Dec 9, 2019. Scroll to 43 min mark. I'm talking NFL week 14 Denver Broncos great win, more NFL, Kawhi and Raptors on the New York based TV show on @SportsGrid/FNTSY Sports Network etc. To watch full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Dec 6, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 14 picks, best bets etc, Denver Broncos, NCAA Football, the recent CFL Grey Cup, more on the New York based TV show on  @SportsGrid/FNTSY Sports Network etc  Video starts auto when I come on. To watch  Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 29, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 13 picks, best bets etc, last weeks CFL Grey Cup Festival in Calgary, my time at Grey Cup with Clam Chowder the talking mascot from Montreal. To watch  Click here" @MykAussie

"Oct 12, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports and Sports Comedy - Episode 1. My buddy Kym is talking NFL, CFL, AFL, highlights from when I'm at a NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl with media passes. 30 min version. For full screen Click here For the 15 min version 
Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 22, 2019. I'm talking CFL Grey Cup, NFL Broncos vs Bills, more on @sportsgrid/FNTSY Sports Network a New York based show. To watch scroll to 3 hr 27 min 45 sec mark or full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 8, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 10 inc picks, CFL Playoffs, more on @sportsgrid/FNTSY Sports Network a New York based show. To watch full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 1, 2019. I'm talking NFL week 9 inc picks and best bets, disgusting rats, more on @sportsgrid/FNTSY Sports Network a New York based show with Gabe @sportsrage and @joeraineri. To watch full screen and auto start Click here" @MykAussie

June 21, 2019. Toronto Raptors Champ Kawhi joined me in Edmonton on a FNTSY Sports Network show a few days after the Raptors great NBA Championship win! Ahhhhh! Full screen 
Click here" @MykAussie

"Football Fan Frenzy 2 min trailer. Full screen, comment Click here" @MykAussie

Football Fan Frenzy, my
Sports Comedy movie/doc!


"I have Sports Comedy MYKwebTV shows of many different Sports on my YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy! Click here." @MykAussie

"Two of many testimonials. "Myk Aussie your movie,
very very funny! You are a clown! It was a pleasure

meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN TV Canada.

On Sports Rage radio Earl said  "Myk Aussie sent me
a very nice DVD. I rate it a 10 out of 10!" Earl Skakel,

LA based Stand-up Comedian.

With media passes I filmed at NFL games, NFL Pro
Bowls, CFL and CFL Grey Cup games and more
There are so many funny great fans, amazing
players and cheerleaders in the movie. You don't
have to like
sports to like this movie! Contact me
@MykAussie for a FREE password to watch online!

For honest reviews, details of  a deal I did after
attending Hot Docs Festival in Toronto, etc Click here

Be part of Football Fan Frenzy! For investment/partnership details, are you already in the movie?, do you want to be in the next and final edit?
Click here" @MykAussie

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"The original was started in 2000 is
still best viewed in IE! It was one of the Biggest "legal"
Sports Comedy Internet TV stations in the World! 
I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy.
I've been based in Canada since 1998 traveling to
many events. Enjoy the hrs of intense 3-10+ min
sports, comedy TV shows and many sports columns. 

My MYKwebTV shows sports reports and pic's are
positive and also interesting stories so go somewhere
else if you want negative sports reports! MYKwebTV
is also on and many
now on twitter @MykAussie.

This is fun! I've done 1,000+ guest spots on USA,
Canada and Australian sports radio over the past 18+
years. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in
having me on your sports radio show.

My very favourite sports to play and do are Australian
Football, tennis, windsurfing and
snowboarding. My favorites sports now are 
and AFL Australian Football League however I report
on many 
sports in USA, Canada, Australia and also
around the World. For a write 
thanks to Dave Heinrich 
about my career playing Australian Rules 
Football in
Australia and in Canada 
Click here" @MykAussie

"Lots of Sports Comedy MYKwebTV shows on my YouTube Channels as per the feed below!" @MykAussie

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