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Welcome to Sports, Sports Comedy mykaussie.tv

"Hi mates, future mates. I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy Media guy!
Based in Canada 
since 1998, I've travelled to many sports events, produced 100's of MYKwebTV sports comedy shows and have been a guest on 1,000+ TV, radio etc shows in USA, Canada and Australia! Hope you enjoy mykaussie.tv!" @MykAussie 

"Audio only podcasts are great to listen to as you drive etc. To listen to my Intl Sports, Sports Comedy podcasts and some previous guest spots on The Morning After show on @SportsGrid New York based TV, radio etc search on "Myk Aussie" on castbox.fm, Google Play, Spotify or Stitcher or here my podcasts section. Hope you enjoy and subscribe" Myk 

"NFL on mykaussie.tv Oct 22, 2021. Talking NFL week 7 inc terrible Broncos, picks. Also at the start baseball vs cricket and some laughs with Gabe @sportsrage and @CamStewartLive on NY's SportsGrid TV, SiriusXM Ch204 etc. To watch full screen Click here To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody For my NFL section Click here" @MykAussie 

"CFL on mykaussie.tv Oct 15, 2021. From Commonwealth Stadium, talking CFL Bombers at Elks with hosts Gabe @sportsrage, @CamStewartLive and my mate @Mike_Ticats on NY's SportsGrid, SiriusXM Ch204 etc. To watch full screen Click here  To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody For my CFL section Click here For TotalCFL.com that includes many CFL and Grey Cup TV shows Click here" @MykAussie

"Nov 2, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports and Sports Comedy - Episode 2. 
My buddy Kym is talking NFL, NBA, CFL, CFL Grey Cup's,  highlights from when I'm on the sidelines of a NFL Vikings vs Packers game with a media pass and at CFL Grey Cups. For full screen 
Click here 
" Myk

"AFL on mykaussie.tv Sept 24, 2021. Talking AFL Grand Final Dogs vs Demons inc AFLGF Picks with Gabe @sportsrage and @CamStewartLive on NY's SportsGrid TV, SiriusXM Ch204 etc. Also some NFL, CFL talk. To watch full screen Click here To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody For my AFL section where I talk AFL on Fridays from Mar to Oct on NY's SportsGrid Click here " @MykAussie 

"Jan 24, 2020. My opinion has it very popular Super Bowl pick of Chiefs by 10. You can listen via the link below as the show was removed from SportsGrid YouTube. I'm talking NFL Super Bowl LIV, my MMMMM Equation for my Super Bowl pick that was so close as Chiefs won by 11, more on the New York based TV, radio etc show @SportsGrid. Gabe talks about Warren Moon interviewing me at 21 min 30 sec mark. I come on at 37 min mark Click here " @MykAussie

"More Sports on mykaussie.tv Sept 6, 2021. Cricket in Edmonton! Flying /UFO/UAP in NW Edmonton. Interesting! To watch  Click here For my More Sports section inc the cricket vids  Click here" @MykAussie 

"A great mate! April 5, 2020. My Intl Sports and Sports Comedy show. I'm 1 on 1 with Boston Celebrity Mike The Can Man. I interview Mike talking about Covid-19 in Boston and area, NFL Patriots, Tom Brady at Bucs, CFL and the Montreal Alouettes, AFL Australian Football League, AFLW, my movie Football Fan Frenzy that Mike gave a 9 out of 10 rating, more. To watch full screen Click here" @MykAussie

"For past shows Mar to July 2020 Click here 
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20 Click here

For MYKwebTV shows from 1999 to Sept 2019 check out mykaussie.com using Microsoft Media player or my YouTube Ch 
Click here" @MykAussie


"Tennis on mykaussie.tv. Feb 19, 2021. Talking Australian Open tennis finals, my tennis serving demo, 2021 AFL Premiers odds on NY's SportsGrid. 
To watch full screen  Click here To listen on pody/audio For tennis on the More Sports section Click here " @MykAussie

"NBA on mykaussie.tv. June 21, 2019. New York based  FNTSY Sports Network, The Morning After show. NBA Basketball Champ Kawhii joined me in Edmonton a few days after the Raptors great NBA Championship win! The host Gabe Morency a huge Raptors fan luved this. Ahhhhh! For full screen  Click here For my NBA section Click here" @MykAussie


"CFL on mykaussie.tv and on TotalCFL.com is Big! Sept 15, 2020. Thanks Matt of BC Lions for writing the #GCFanBase article about my love of the CFL, BC Lions and The Grey Cup Festival. 
To read the article Click here For my CFL section Click here For TotalCFL.com that includes many CFL and Grey Cup TV shows Click here  MykAussie


"I have Sports Comedy MYKwebTV shows of many different Sports on my YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy! Click here." @MykAussie


"Oct 12, 2019. The Kym Harrison show. Intl Sports and Sports Comedy - Episode 1. 
My buddy Kym is talking NFL, CFL, AFL, highlights from when I'm at a NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl with media passes. 30 min version. For full screen 
Click here For the 15 min version 

Click here" @MykAussie


History of mykaussie.com

"The original mykaussie.com was started in 2000 is still best viewed in IE!
It was one of the Biggest "legal" Sports Comedy Internet TV stations in
the World. I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy.
I've been based in Canada since 1998 traveling to many events.
Enjoy the hrs of intense 3-10+ min sports, comedy TV shows and
many sports columns.
My MYKwebTV shows sports reports and pic's are positive and also
interesting stories so go somewhere else if you want negative sports
reports! MYKwebTV is also on YouTube.com/user/MykAussie and many
now on twitter @MykAussie.
This is fun! I've done 1,000+ guest spots on USA, Canada and Australian 
sports radio over the past 18+ years. Feel free to contact me if you are
interested in having me on your sports radio show.

My very favourite sports to play and do are Australian Rules Football,
tennis, windsurfing and snowboarding. My favorites sports now are 
CFL and AFL Australian Football League however I report on many 
in USA, Canada, Australia and also around the World. T
hanks to Dave
Heinrich for this article about my career playing Australian Rules 
in Australia and in Canada 
Click here" @MykAussie

"Lots of Sports Comedy MYKwebTV shows on my YouTube Channels as per the feed below!" @MykAussie

"2 min trailer. Full screen, comment Click here

Football Fan Frenzy, my Sports Comedy movie/doc!

Two of many testimonials. "Myk Aussie your movie, very very funny! You are a clown! It was a pleasure meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN TV Canada.

On Sports Rage radio Earl said  "Myk Aussie sent me a very nice DVD. I rate it a 10 out of 10!" Earl Skakel, LA based Stand-up Comedian.

With media passes I filmed at NFL games, NFL Pro Bowls, CFL and CFL Grey Cup games and more sports. There are so many funny great fans, amazing players and cheerleaders in the movie. You don't have to like sports to like this movie! Contact me @MykAussie for a FREE password. To watch online via the password Click here

Be part of Football Fan Frenzy! For investment/partnership details, are you already in the movie?, do you want to be in the next and final edit? Click here" @MykAussie

"May 7, 2021. Talking Fighting online maggots, AFL Rd 8 and Clam Chowder on NY's @SportsGridRadio. Yep host Gabe Morency sure was scratching his head. To watch full screen Click here To listen to this show and more on Castbox pody" @MykAussie

"Lots of NFL comedy, I give a few NFL picks and NFL bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network, I play some NFL Fantasy. CFL comedy, a few CFL picks and CFL bets, CFL Fantasy is also fun, CFL betting, luv Grey Cup so I have a few Grey Cup bets and picks, CFL tailgating is great in Calgary. AFL comedy, I do AFL picks, AFL tips they say in Australia and AFL best bets weekly on FNTSY Sports Network. Also more sports picks, sports betting, sports bets on mykaussie.com, mykaussie.tv, TotalCFL.com." @MykAussie

"For More Sports check out the massive mykaussie.com menu Click here or using IE Internet Explorer check out the drop down and fly out menu on mykaussie.com For searching purposes ie people trying to find me  Mike Aussie Mik Aussie Mic Aussie." @MykAussie

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"July 6, 2021. RIP Eskinator/Elkinator! Refer to my report here at TotalCFL news. Includes videos, more Click here " @MykAussie