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Welcome to my Mates Club at

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"New Feb 27, 2022. Mates Club version link is below. Some talk here best not for everyone to hear, nothing crazy but this Mates Club version is to avoid some critics mainly in Australia. Talking NFL Super Bowl LVI, Australia, beer, food. more and some great laughs with @ScottFerrall & Gabe @sportsrage on NY's SportsGrid TV, SiriusXM Ch159 etc. This was from the popular @SportsGridTV 4hr Super Bowl pre game show. To watch the Mates Club version using the same Password that I supplied to watch my movie Football Fan Frenzy Click here " @MykAussie

Updated Mar 30, 2022. "My Mates Club is back!  

If you already have the Password to watch my movie Football Fan Frenzy or you got my email newsletter on Mar 20 2022 that means you are in Mates Club.


New Mar 30, 2022. My Mar 27, 2022 audio Intl Sports, Sports Comedy podcast now on video Mates Club using the same password Click here

To watch Football Fan Frenzy using this Password Click here
I like feedback so please message me any thoughts if you like. For honest reviews, ratings Click here

To watch Part's 1-5 of my Betting for Beginners using the same Password Click here

To watch Part's 1-6 of my Grandfathers Amazing Book using the same Password Click here


From 2003 until July 2012 I wrote a regular Mates Club column and uploaded a different version of a new MYKwebTV show to "Myk's Mates Club" on 

New Mates Club new password coming so please sign up to the newsletter email on the home page, scroll down Click here

Many existing mates that have helped me somewhat over the years will get Free Mates Club for 6+ mths, some for life. Refer below, more names coming. 

The new "Mates Club" will be included as added value when you invest in one of my "Sports Stars and me NFT's" being released in mid to late 2022. Refer below for more on this. 

You will also be able to join Myk's Mates Club via PayPal, coming May 1, 2022. Included in this Mates Club investment coming May , 2022 I will do one of more tweets, Inst, FB post/s promoting you or your business. 

Mates Club currently includes.
1) You can watch Free my opinion has it very funny sports comedy movie Football Fan Frenzy as many times as you want. Use the same Password supplied that you have used to watch my movie in the past.
Click here On and after May 1, 2022 use the new Password supplied to you via email, private message on twitter, FB, Insta, Linkedin, etc 

2) You can watch the video or listen to the audio only the readings from my Grandfathers Amazing Book as he left Belfast Ireland in 1927 to work on a three year contract on a farm on the West Coast of South Australia. It is entitled from Number 6 to number 8, amazing stories.  Currently the video of the 1st six readings is on Mates Club. Note, the entire book via my readings is the last segment of my Intl Sports and Sports Comedy podcast, in many of the episodes from June 6, 2021 through to Feb 12, 2022 episode. On Mates Club is obviously an easier way to listen to the entire book. To watch Part's 1 to 6 use the same Password supplied that you use to watch my movie Football Fan Frenzy Click here

3) Updated Mar 16, 2022. You can watch the video or listen to the audio only of my 17 part "Betting for Beginners" segments as heard on my Intl Sports and Sports Comedy podcasts from Sept 19, 2021 to  Feb 12, 2022. This is obviously an easier way to listen to all 17 parts. New March 16, 2022. You can now watch Parts 1-5. Use the same password supplied. Click here 

4) Many but not all the readings from my "Spiritual/Unexplainable in normal thinking terms" booklet. The Aug 29, 2021 episode of my Intl Sports and Sports Comedy podcast included a Broncos and Gawler South Lions story from this booklet. Select people only have read the book after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Refer to for more on this Click here

5) Access to my Mates Club columns from Jan 2003 to July 2012.


Left: From my May 30, 2003 Mates Club column. Cwoa Merideth having fun at the tailgate after here web Sports Casting work for MYKwebTV on Merideth was a great camera Cwoa Cool Woman Of America for me in 2002. Middle: From July 24, 2003. Here he is Billy Cliton with Hillary but thinking of Monika. I luv having some good laughs about Billy and other Presidents. Right: From Jan 24, 2004. Shittles! Haha! 

There is opinion has it real funny pics, jokes stories etc relating to sports and babes in these columns. Looking at the pics from my 1st ever column, well it's up there with the funniest craziest shit ever. 

Refer to the link in the newsletter via email.  Scroll down on the home page for the signup. Click here

6) A VIP/higher paid type of Mates Club coming to people that really believe in what I am doing/want to help.
Investing in a upcoming "Sports Stars and me NFT" in mid to late 2022 you will after sending a short review and any suggestions be named as a editor in the next edit of Football Fan Frenzy. You will also have the option of being in my next movie for a interview and or comedy segment. You will also be given Shares/a % of the next sports comedy movie that I do. For my NFT's section Click here

Updated Mar 16, 2022. Mates that have helped me over the years who get automatic entry into Myk's Mates Club, some for Life! Earn your way into Mates Club or it will $19.99 for 6 mths coming May 1, 2022.


As per my tweet initially I have one mate from Canada, USA and Australia.


They are from Canada @ClamChowder7 on twitter the famous talking mascot and @SportsRage HOFer from Montreal.


From USA @MichaelPMahon on twitter known as Mike the Can Man the Boston and area media celebrity.


From Australia Big Bad Brevilling Bobby Bilney a longtime mate from the Gawler South Lions.

Updated Mar 16, 2022. Also of course my longtime sports media mate Gabriel Morency is in for life. I have been a guest on Gabe's USA, Canada etc sports shows most weeks mainly Fridays since Nov 2002, Wow 19+ years.. 

Many Mates will get 6-12mths Free entry. These include mates that have helped me over the years or have watched my movie Football Fan Frenzy and sent me a short review and ratings as seen here. Click here

Updated Mar 17, 2022. Earn your way into Mates Club without paying. Bobby @SportsRage er just did. He gave me incredible value! More Mates! 


Bobby sent me his NCAA March Madness Bracket. All 64 teams and his predictions all the way to the Winner. I thus entered these picks into competitions on CBS and Bet365. See this was amazing value to me as I don't have time to study it as it's the start of the AFL season. Thanks Bobby.


Some examples of help I've had. More mates are in probably forever cause they help me. @KingGanja1 in USA luved my movie and he continues to give me advice and retweets my tweets etc. @Kodeenucks604 and @tyrichbets in BC Canada two more mates that also help me in several ways. Kody I met in Vancouver at a @SportsRage RoadRage while Ty told me awhile ago he listens to my podcasts. Ismael in Puerto Rica is a massive fan of all football codes and other sports. He regularly Shares and Likes my FB posts and also sends me great posts on FB. I also often talk with these guys on pm.  There are many more examples of mates that have helped me. Hope you enjoy my Mates Club. More Mates Club only videos, more coming." @MykAussie 


"Want a 125% signup sports betting bonus? Click on the BetUS logo Click here" @MykAussie 

"Want a 125% signup sports betting bonus? Click on the BetUS logo Click here" @MykAussie 

#AFL #AFLNews #AFLtips #AFLBets #AussieRules #footy at
#AFL #AFLNews #AFLtips #AFLBets #AussieRules #footy at
#AFL #AFLNews #AFLtips #AFLBets #AussieRules #footy at
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