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March 2020. Lucky to be alive! A fatal car crash from when I was 19 years young in South Australia.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

From Feb 19, 2019 on Facebook. Never once have I talked about this online in 20+ years or shown these pictures from a fatal car crash where I was hit head on when I was 19 years young near Roseworthy, South Australia. It’s been brutal dangerous driving here in Edmonton the past week, way too many think they are NASCAR drivers and they need to slow the f..k down and smarten the f..k up!

The picture of the GMH Holden Commodore that I was driving when I was hit head on about 1 km from Roseworthy on a Tuesday night. I was driving my parents car. The guy at the wreckers said to me when I asked him where the blue Commodore was said to me "I have no idea how the driver is alive!" I said "Yeh it was me!"

For the Facebook post from Feb 19, 2019 with many comments and the explanation of what happened Click here

For a twitter post about this that includes a short video Click here Yep I was very lucky! @MykAussie

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