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NFL week 7!

I’m having a good day with picks straight up, 10-2 at the moment! Seattle cost me in my 3 and 4 game parlay/multi bets though. Wow Jackson at QB for the Ravens played great in their win over the Seahawks in Seattle. The other game I lost was I picked the New York Giants at home vs Arizona Cardinals.

Will add more to this section but I had to focus recently on helping my buddy Kym Harrison (Ahhh) produce the new “The Kym Harrison show - Intl Sport, Sports Comedy” as seen on the home page here at Hope you enjoy the show!

CFL Grey Cup is a mth away so I’ll again be at this great 5 day and night Festival. It’s in Calgary this year. I‘ve got quite a few comedy style TotalCFL TV shows on YouTube so key in “Myk Aussie Grey Cup” on YouTube if you want some good laughs. I met and filmed so many great CFL fans, cheerleaders, players etc at Grey Cups since 1999.

I‘m on twitter a few times a day so hopefully you can follow me there @MykAussie

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