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Updated May 5, 2021.Why Kym became Myk & my 100% true unexplainable in normal thinking terms events!

Updated: May 5, 2021

Above: From April 1998, Langley BC. I'm picking up my Ford Probe GT 6 cylinder 5 speed that I paid cash for. I absolutely loved this car. Life was great, it's great now but very different.

Updated May 5, 2021. The reason why I was re checking the nuts on my front wheel in the MYKwebTV show above "The trip to Super Bowl in Houston."

Refer below for Part t 2 of this blog.

New April 28, 2021. From my twitter last night "Why Kym became Myk!" This is going to be fu

adding a Chapter at a time of my booklet to a new blog this week! I as Kym Harrison a successful Manager of a IT/CAD co in Vancouver had to give it up and then started media at CFL and NFL etc as Myk Aussie! Ahhh!" @MykAussie

I'll start with part of Chapter 4 as it maybe the best part that relates to the heading, "Why Kym became Myk and my 100% true unexplainable in normal thinking terms events!"

My energy set off the car alarm! Yep that's what I believe!

This is a story of how I believe energy can work. In 1999 I had to drive from Vancouver to Prince George for a very important sales meeting with a company to try ad sell them a CAD and data management system. As I left Vancouver on the Friday afternoon, I was very upset and very angry with what was happening at work in my IT manager’s position. Finally I got out of the traffic jams in Vancouver and onto the highway. I drove from about 4pm till 11pm at night, very very very angry. Quite a silly decision as it was at night and through the mountains.

When I arrived at a town 100kms or so South of Prince George I booked into a hotel. As I was unpacking and getting ready for bed my car alarm started going off. No one was near my car, a very nice Ford Probe GT Sports car. This had never ever happened before. I clicked the remote control to turn the alarm off but then within seconds it would go off again. This happened several times and thus other people in the hotel were getting upset. I thus went to my car and disconnected the battery.

I firmly believe the built up energy in the car as a result of my extreme anger set off the car alarm. It was quite amazing. I’ve had some very interesting discussions with Spiritual people since this occurrence in regards to energy, how energy can work and they all said "Yes Myk I can believe this as the explanation"..

The Atomic theory is proven. I remember learning about protons, neutrons and electrons at school. Everything in the World is made up of atoms and these protons, neutron, electrons that make up atoms vibrate at different speeds. When I related the Atomic theory to energy and also spirits, well that's when it all clicked for me and made sense. I have some more great stories in regards to energy in my book including seeing auras which is peoples positive energy.

Coming soon. More Energy stories. An outside message? Coincidences or not stories, I say not!

Chapter 5. Pushing a car up a slight hill in Vancouver. A lady still sitting in her car had broken down on a main road just South of the city. In my first year in Vancouver I would get so annoyed at people blocking main roads so I stopped and pushed her car up a slight hill around a corner and onto a side road. Yep, the lady looked at me in amazement and thanked me. Again I was really really really angry as 10 mins earlier I was talking on the phone with one of the assistant managers from the head office in Toronto. I was in a restaurant in DT Vancouver on my cell/mobile phone trying to sort out the disgraceful occurrences that were still happening after many months while I was manager of the IT/CAD company. This is the time in my life when I realized my body had way way way more power and strength than I thought was possible. I'm not writing the full story here or what the lady actually said to me but it is in the booklet/first edit of the final book.

Chapter 11. The scary night before one of my greatest achievements, sports casting my 1st ever NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu. This is a scary but then good story.

Chapter 14. My energy, meditation, advice sessions with Chipo Shambare in Ottawa. Incredible experiences. Very interesting stories here.

More short stories.

Coincidence? The Denver Broncos my favourite NFL team, a Denver Broncos orange hat was sitting there on the ledge in Kanata Ontario when I went into this office building. 10 mins later it was still there. No one was around. Was it for me, maybe so I took it, maybe not.

Just knowing. The two things in my life I just knew. I got a spiritual type message, not sure.

I just knew the Denver Broncos were going to the win Super Bowl L (50). Straight after the Broncos defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship game I said to my girlfriend, "We are going to win the Super Bowl. I know it!" Then days before the Super Bowl I texted my longtime mate Gabe Morency and told him not to bet on the Panthers. He did anyways and lost a lot of money.

When I was in Winter Park Colorado at the end of the 1991-92 ski season walking to our house I had a very strong feeling/outside type message that I had to go home and again play Australian Rules Football for my home team the Gawler South Lions as we were going to win the A Grade Grand Final. Five months later we won the Grand Final. More coming but hope you found this blog interesting and it is 100% true. I'm no bullshitter!" @MykAussie

Updated May 5, 2021. The reason why I was re checking the nuts on my front wheel in the MYKwebTV show below, The trip to Super Bowl in Houston.

Above: Why am I re checking the nuts on this wheel? Refer below. The trip to Super Bowl in Houston with Gabe Morency and Shaun in my magnificent Ford Probe GT as we drive from Calgary Canada to Houston Texas for Super Bowl XXXVIII. To watch Click here

One Saturday night in Vancouver in late 1998 I had planned to stay home and get up early to go snowboarding at Whistler. Whistler is a 90 minute drive from Vancouver along the ocean and then through the mountains. I loved this drive in my 1994 Ford Probe GT sports car. Within a few km’s of leaving Vancouver the drive is the ocean on the left and massive rocky outcrops on the right. Well at about 8pm on the Saturday night Sean my housemate and new friend asked me out on the town with a few people. I was fairly new to Vancouver and decided to go. Thus we had a great night out drinking beers and chasing and meeting CWOC's Cool Women Of Canada.

On the Friday I had new tyres/tires put on my car. Thus I had driven the car for about 10 km’s at 50 kms per hour around the city. Well on the Sunday afternoon I drove my car with Pat my other housemate and his girlfriend. Pat says “Kym what’s that noise? You should stop and check it out!”. So we pulled to the side of the road and my front passenger’s side wheel was nearly off. I couldn’t believe it. I got the wheel brace out and tightened the wheel nuts, many of them on this front wheel on their last threads thus very loose.

It was then when we were all eating just after this that it hit me. I was in shock. Imagine if I got up on the Sunday morning and headed to Whistler. There would have been a very good chance that I would have been on the open highway driving at 110 km’s per hour when the wheel would have come off, ocean on one side, massive cliffs on the other. I thanked Sean for inviting me out for a night on the town. A very lucky escape for me. The next week I went to the tyre/tire place and asked for the manager. I said lets go outside for a chat. We went outside and I told him the story, how I was lucky not to have been in a serious car crash because one of his workers didn’t tighten my wheel nuts properly. The manager in some shock as he knew I was telling the truth promised me that he would reconfirm to his workers that they need to double check the wheels. Very lucky I was. Sometimes drinking/partying does pay off! Ahhh! More stories coming." @MykAussie

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