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Listen now to my 1st full length Intl Sports Comedy podcast!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Sept 5, 2019. From July 2019. My 1st full length 45 min podcast! I'm focusing on Comedy based around Sports along with talking current Intl Sports hot stories! In this episode I talk NFL Denver Broncos 2019 chances, my 4 meetings with the Legend NFL Patriots QB Tom Brady, my meaning of a Cwocodile or Cwoc, a funny Swimming at Wreck Beach story in Vancouver when I 1st moved to Canada in 1998 and my near disaster at the nude beach.

CFL BC Lions and Eskimos 2019, my interview with CFL and NFL HOF QB Warren Moon at Super Bowl XXXVIII media day in Houston, my famous Pammy Lee Anderson cardboard cut-out in her red Baywatch swimsuit at CFL Halloween game and then the 2005 CFL Grey Cup where I chatted briefly with the real Pamela Anderson, Wimbledon tennis and a tennis story from South Australia when I played Peter Carter who was Roger Federer's 1st coach.

"Cwoc Pammy was very popular at the 05 CFL Grey Cup! Pictured here with myself and BBBob a huge Winnipeg Bombers fan." @MykAussie

AFL Australian Football League and funny AFL player names that Gabe Morency laughs at when I talk AFL picks weekly on his New York based The Morning After show on FNTSY Sports Network, World Cup Cricket and how I wasn't that upset that Australia got beaten in the semi final this week, NBA Kawhi the Raptor Champ now a LA Clipper and a explanation of the Aussie slang word "Sepo" that applies to NBA player Lou Williams who talked BS about Canada and some USA NBA media that talked BS as to where Kawhi was signing! Hope you enjoy! To listen now, my Podcasts section Click here." @MykAussie

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