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Updated March 19, 2022. "AFL season. Sports Stars and me NFT project. My NFL SportsGrid TV shows.

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Updated March 19. AFL 2022 season started March 16. Finishing predictions. 2022 AFL Rd1 and 2021 season SportsGrid and shows.

Above: Talking 2022 AFL Rd 1 picks, best bets, possible 2022 AFL Premiers, NFL, NBA, more on New York's @SportsGridTV etc. To watch this show, auto start at the AFL talk Click here.

Above: Talking AFL news, picks, best bets, more Aussie Rules Footy leagues in Australia and around the World on SportsRage Late Night with host Gabe Morency a West Coast Eagles fan and Clam Chowder the longtime Melbourne Demons fan. To watch this show, auto start at the AFL talk Click here.

Again this AFL season I will be on New York based @SportsGridTV as above on Gabriel Morency and Cam Stewart's Game Time Decisions/In Game Live show. I've been talking AFL with Gabe weekly during the AFL season for the past six years and at times since 2003. His favourite team West Coast Eagles, they aren't looking to good and sadly my favourite team Adelaide Crows will probably be in the bottom four to six as well. For my AFL section including many past SportsGrid TV shows

The AFL season started on March 16 with a repeat of the 2021 AFL Grand Final between the victorious Melbourne Demons and Western Bulldogs. I was a rippa of a game with the Demons winning. There was a excellent Wednesday night crowd as Melbourne can now have 100% capacity re Covid 19 restrictions the past two AFL seasons. I believe the 2022 AFL Grand Final it could be repeat of the 2021 AFL Grand Final.

My predictions for the AFL Finals the top 8 out of 18 teams is in order: Western Bulldogs, Melbourne Demons, Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans, Richmond Tigers, Port Adelaide Power PAPS, Essendon Bombers and Geelong Cats. I so wanted to add Fremantle Dockers but I think Covid 19 issues in Western Australia and possible resulting travel issues and their past bad run with Injuries has me a bit skeptical but I did put some dollars at Bet365 on them making the finals at +200.

Thus 9th Fremantle Dockers then Greater Western Sydney Giants, Carlton Blues, Saint Kilda Saints, Collingwood Magpies, Adelaide Crows, Gold Coast Suns, West Coast Eagles, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Hawthorn Hawks. However there will probably be two or three teams that surprise and two or three teams that don't live up to expectations. Key injuries, as in many team sports often plays a big factor and Covid 19 issues could still be a factor. Refer to my twitter as I regularly tweet about the AFL including my picks, best bets and also other Aussie Rules Footy Leagues including Intl Aussie Rules Footy. Click here

For great/different type AFL team previews check out A Yank on the Footy's site and listen to his podcasts. He interviews many great Aussie Rules Footy fans, players etc from around the World Click here

Sports Stars and me NFT project coming mid 2022.

2022 AFL season started Wed Mar 16. I have amazing one on one interviews and thus also pictures that will become NFT's of AFL/VFL Legends Kevin Sheedy, Stephen Silvagni and Robert DiPierdomenico and the very good AFL player then excellent NFL punter Darren Bennett. My NFT's project will initially focus on NFL National Football League in USA, CFL Canadian Football League and AFL Australian Football League. Refer below for more on the AFL.

I'm very excited working on this project. Last week I invested in a consultant that completed one of the 1st NFT's of a Sports Star in a Canadian sport. I paid him in Ethereum and I await more details of his suggestions for this project. I'm learning lots but I seriously wonder why many in USA are buying some of the characters/animal etc images/digital art that I see, I still don't get it. I'll stick to learning about Sports NFT's so I don't get confused/wonder why they are being bought.

Above: I'm filming Tom Brady's 1st interview after Sunday Feb 3, 2002 his 1st Super Bowl win. The professional $1,000+ painting has been done. A short video section of this interview will be supplied as part of the NFT. My NFL mates believe this is very unique and should be a great start to my "Sports Stars and me" NFT project coming in mid 2022.

Above: I'm at a Calgary Stampeders game and the 2008 Stamps Wall Of Fame induction interviewing CFL Legend and NFL QB Doug Flutie. A short video section of this interview will be supplied as part of the NFT. This will probably be my 1st CFL item in "Sports Stars and me" NFT Project coming in mid 2022.

Above: I'm at the 2007 US Nationals of Australian Rules Football interviewing AFL Legend coach and VFL player Kevin Sheedy. A short video section of this interview will be supplied as part of the NFT. This will probably be my 1st AFL item in "Sports Stars and me" NFT Project coming in mid 2022.

For more on this project and more about NFT's Click here

Updated Mar 19, 2022. Wow, Denver Broncos trade for Star QB Russell Wilson. Von Miller signs at Bills. It was again a lot of fun to be on New York's SportsGrid TV etc talking NFL on Fridays throughout the NFL season!

Above: My highlight of the NFL season on New York's SportsGrid TV came on their Super Bowl Sunday Pre game 4 hour show when I was on for 20+ minutes with host Scott Ferrall. Gabe Morency was cohost. To watch my edit Click here Fri Mar 18, 2022 on @SportsGridTV the Game Time Decisions/In Game Live show we talked NFL Von Miller and Russell Wilson near the start of the show. To watch auto start at NFL talk Click here.

From Mar Mar 11, 2022. I was so happy yesterday checking my phone after being in the gym to see the tweets from mates that the Denver Broncos had traded for Russell Wilson. Amazing! Finally we have a Star QB, the last was Legend Peyton Manning. Refer to my twitter for more as I often tweet about the NFL and my favourite team since 1991 the Denver Broncos. Click here

From my studio I was on weekly on the Game Time Decisions SportsGrid TV show and near the end of the season and during the NFL Playoffs on the In Game Live show during the Sunday afternoon games. There were many laughs during the show in which we talked the upcoming NFL Sunday and Monday night games including my picks and best bets and then during the Playoffs my MMMMM Equation/Algorithm that the host Gabe Morency enjoyed my "sensible/commonsense" factors in the equation. It really is a great guide especially when I really wasn't sure who would win. Of course it doesn't work all the time, if it did I'd be rolling in major $$$ and be like Brandon Lang played by Matthew McConaughey in the great Two for the Money movie. The real Brandon Lang used to be on the same show that I was on Gabe Morency's The Morning After show a year or so ago.

My highlight of the NFL season on SportsGrid TV came on their Super Bowl Sunday Pre game 4 hour show when I was on for 20+ minutes with host Scott Ferrall. Gabe Morency was cohost. Scott had told me on Linkedin that "U da man! U do a great job on the Grid brother. Down under rules ! My good friends live in Sydney" so it was great to finally be on with the Sports media Legend. Gabe Morency this week said on his SportsRage Late Night show that he was told that they had approximately 900,000 viewers on Samsung TV alone mainly in the USA for this Super Bowl Pre game 4 hour show. Wow, another reason it was great to be on the show. For my edit of this show Click here Many of shows that I was on SportsGrid TV during the NFL season are on

Updated Mar 17, 2022. My Mates Club is back. Click here

Want to watch my Sports Comedy movie Football Fan Frenzy? Click here

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Twitter, Instagram: @MykAussie Facebook: Myk Aussie Ph and text: 1 780 993 7419 Canadian # "Hope you can watch many weeks of the year when I am on New York based TV, radio etc @SportsGridTV @SiriusXM Ch159 @SportsGridRadio etc with Gabriel Morency talking sports and life stories! AFL Australian Football League starts in March so watch to get my weekly AFL picks, best bets etc!" @MykAussie

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